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The critics agree!

"A smart, amusing kink of a nancy-boy that needs a good whipping, bloody awful penmanship, and a total sweetheart that actually carried chocolates back and forth between 2 continents for a girl that lives in NYC :p""your bedroom appetite, is very different from your food appetite... mr. i left teeth marks on a skin tone that doesn't bruise easily""cute and British and go[es] great with scones!""such a blast to hang out with [...] no one should be so quietly adorable as Stee""He's a lewd, lewd dirty old man, don't let his scones like fluffy cuteness fool you!""he's chock full of the wins""so sweet and creepy""you imperialistic bringer of filth!""Oh but darling you know you're fabulous, or Torben wouldn't be crazy to fuck you.""♥ This is why I luv you, you're so sweet you'll help me plan your own murder! ^_^ <3""You're like a sadist wrapped in puppet felt.""A cute godless atheist.""A gooey, scone-like, Lite-Brite.""If I want your semen, I'll go straight to the tap.""You eat pussy better than a girl.""Mmmm.""Ducky.""I'm all the party you need.""I'm not coming to the dark side. It doesn't matter how big your cock is, or how many cookies you have.""Sex with you was a lot more painful the first time, than my actual first time.""The way you pound, it's a good job there's cushion for the pushin'.""You've gone critical-mass dimples.""You have to make a proper lady out of me before you can fuck me up the ass.""I don't share my unbelievably well-endowed white boy with anyone.""Your cute, warm, fluffy scone-dom had to ruin my plans of singledom.""You're such a sweet piece of pie, and here I am without a spoon.""Your mind is like a fully loaded .50 Caliber Desert Eagle with the safety off and finger on the trigger.""Even at half-mast you're a commanding sight.""Trust me, Stee is a wonderful lesbian. Tongues with the best of them.""(suckling noises) It's like a snuggy for your wee wee.""I say we smoke weed & do anal."

Me: Dedicated girlfriend is dedicated.
Ty: To a cock like that? Hell yeah.

"Stee is a known member of the Bloomsbury group, and has been seen fondling Oscar Wilde on numerous occasions. But for the most part, Stee has the best icons of heads exploding and Hitler making a funny. Oh, and he is Welsh, which I learned, early on, is NOT [English].""You are an extremely intelligent Welshman who has messy hair and funny post when you're drunk.""The Big Lebowski. You remind me of The Dude, somehow.""You're a cold robot, sir."

"You can always be relied upon to do something unsettling. I don't know whether to say thank you or not."

"You've been a pretentious, self-righteous know-it-all for as long as I've known you. I wonder sometimes why you're still around."

"You're no fun ;p"~"Some of the beliefs you've presented are far too close to home to the abusive ones my ex had and my brother has."

"I could comment on what I perceive to be the flaws in your ideologies as well, but it wouldn't really make an interesting debate, as you seem to think it does."

"I'm pretty sure that people like you ought not be allowed to comment on anything with the word "fun" in it, because I just don't think you quite understand the concept."

"thanks for taking me out of your info, you ass. (!)"

"Stop trying to ruin the fun."

"WTF is wrong with you?""you're some kind of war-bot"

"you are the most entertaining author on my friend's page. i want to do you."

"you've managed to get a Buy One Get One Free deal at the Being Wrong Store."

"you are awesome [...] FORGET I SAID THAT!"

"you deserve your poverty"

"And why are you using mathmatical language in a political debate anyway?"

"now you just look silly [...] actually, that is a good one. +2 to towith"

"As with times in the past when I need some intelligent late night babble you still come through."

"Tact: 0 Stee: 1""stee: 1 political correctness: 0""You care, if somewhat abrasively.""You're lovely when you choose to not be snarktastic <3"

"You’re so above the Chuck/Hoff “fad”."

"Oh, towith, you still know how to make my day."

"I think I should get myself checked out in case some of your DUMB rubbed off on me."

"Can I touch you?"

"As for the know how trash collects in a place where there is trash? Well, you are a monkey -- albeit, a monkey with testicles in fine working order."

"it's pretty big for such a feminine-looking man...



"That's an awfully nice light saber..."

"stee is like a sweet, sweet acid trip. i wouldn't do him, but i'm his lesbian fake mother (and damn proud!)."

"Definitely the youngest person I have ever picked up on a seedy LJ community".

"Has come a long way from being a retard long ago".

"I love your mad-cap puns!"

"Towith ... has matured and it's taken me by surprise
don't get me wrong- i knew it would happen and said so
but really, wow".


"Verily, I say, you are amazing [...] Don't be logical dear. No one likes that".

"You're too young to be jaded already. Though you always seem to be well beyond your years".


"A most pleasing lack of vapidity. He's probably underage, but I'd still do him".

"I like how secretly romantic you are, even though you seem unsure of the idea of love. I really liked the happy post with your girlfriendy friend. I also like your miserable posts because they're honest and don't give a fuck".

"Simply put, Stee is a mad genius. And such an attractive one at that! Needless to say, I'd hit it twice, then rest, then hit it again".

"My, you're dismissive. And with all due respect, as someone in the UK, are you really in a position to lecture American political science students of the political tides in their own country?""I don't have time to argue with a self-righteous, know-it-all asshole".

"someone who likes to throw around terms from classical rhetoric, but who can't string a sentence together".

"Thank you for making me feel un-weird".

"And you've got great bone structure....and great a matter of fact, you could cross-dress very convincingly".

"Though I suppose, going by your profile, that latter comment is too "emotional" and "collectivist" or whatever for you. Look at me, boiz, I'm an anti-feminist libertarian chick! I'm not like all those other whiny bitches!!! Aren't I SPESHUL??? ... Thanks for proving my point that all the education in the world doesn't make up for a stunning lack of empathy or common sense, or an inflated concept of one's own intellect."

"Are you being serious or sarcastic? I don't know you well enough to get your online tone. And no I don't have any issues using the toilet."

"And yes, so I'm giving in, yay. [You] can pick up my broken spirit in a gift box next tuesday."
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