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I wish to donate my organs, tissue, skin, bones, as much as possible. Medical science offers us the opportunity to transform countless lives for the better. All we have to do in exchange is donate our bodies after we are done with them. As such I see no reason to avoid donating. For those who feel slightly queasy about donating their bodies, just remember that decomposition isn't exactly an attractive prospect either. Surely it is a more attractive idea to be helping a child regain their sight, giving a parent a few more years to spend with their family, or perhaps just allowing a drunk a second chance.

A perhaps less noble idea is that I would like my brain plastinated, kept in my skull and put on display in a bell jar. I doubt anyone will honour that request however.
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House. It is actually quite unfair of me to say House, as I stopped watching the show the episode House and Cuddy became an item. A lot of the tension in the show is supplied by the fact that these two people cannot be together. The fact that they became an item can only mean the resolution to that tension, even if the relationship fails.

Second, I cannot stand Thirteen. Thirteen is the ultimate Mary Sue. When Cameron was introduced it was made clear that House hired an attractive woman because they had to work harder to prove themselves. Thirteen on the other hand has never explained her presence, she is simply the attractive girl with a sad story. It is achingly one dimensional.

Third, the medicine is poorer. In the first and second seasons the medicine was actually quite good and I could often guess the ailment based on the symptoms. In the third season medical realism went out of the window and as a result, so did the idea of the medical mystery. Now the show appears to be solely a drama about doctors and if I wanted to see that, I would copy House and watch General Hospital.

[Edit] Also, Chase assassinated a world leader and managed to reach the end of the season without being arrested. Even if that world leader was a terrible person, they're not going to make chase take responsibility for his actions?
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Assuming a zoo which took excellent care of the animals within its charge, conducted breeding programs for endangered species and created joy for millions of visitors each year, no I wouldn't release an animal. For my to release an animal you would have to demonstrate abuse, advanced intelligence or in the case of releasing to the wild, demonstrate that the animal could in fact survive.
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Much like [ profile] tydestra's answer, my happiest place is with my partner, Ty.
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Four points.

First: Should every sentence be a life sentence? If someone has served their debt to society, what message are we sending by continuing to punish the person.

Second: Knowledge is not an evil. Increasing our understanding of this hypothetical person's mindset via their writings is not a bad thing.

Third: If it is truly the will of the public that these people should not profit, the public should avoid buying the book.

Forth: The legislative pen should not be guided by the emotional eruptions of the gutter presses.
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Without including text books it would probably be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Admittedly this isn't exactly the most impressive book possible, but at 832 pages it really annihilates the competition. The shortest might be Scale by Will Self, but it is more likely to be one of the many books I read as a child ex. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
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"What a waste of time, I hope I'm going to be compensated. Wait, how do I know compensation exists within this world? Wait, does this mean I invented Socrates, Aristotle, Senaca, David Hume, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant!?"
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Neither words truly belong in my vocabulary. Everything I do is part and parcel of a vast strategy. Those worldly problems solved by my strategy are by definition no longer problems. Those which are not must first be encountered, upon which I erupt with intuitive solutions and tactics. These tactics are then folded beneath my main strategy as a quasi-immune-system. Those problems which resist all efforts are ignored, as pragmatically speaking they are a waste of my energy. I then re-test my strategy and underlying tactics against this new information.

There is thus no plan nor spontaneity. There is only my methodology and the instance upon which it fails me.
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Other than washing my hands and coughing/sneezing into a handkerchief, all of which I do anyway, no. Nor am I worried. At the moment swine flu is relatively mild. There is clearly no need to worry nor drastically change my routine. This pipsqueak pandemic is rattling only the vastly ignorant. For instance Spanish Influenza, which Swine Flu is being likened to by those too stupid to find their own mouths, killed more people than WWI in half the time. The overall mortality rate tripled in almost every major western city within the first month of the virus being reported. Where as with swine flu a hand full of people have been bed ridden for a week. For the sake of the cunt who bore you, get a grip on yourselves.

If you have the flu and I mean any flu, stay at home. Have a bowl of chicken soup, a hot glass of blackberry cordial and watch The Young Sherlock Holmes. If you do not improve or you have asthma et cetera, seek medical attention. Good advice, easy to remember.
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The only rational wish is for more wishes. Beyond the dramatic increase in lifespan, either from clinical, pharmacological, synthetic or indeed nanosynthetic means, anything which further frees the bonds of information & communication. Once information is truly freed we will have fundamentally changed what it means to be human.
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There is nothing more interminably insipid than "extreme" sports. In every practical sense you may as well be shooting-up heroin in an alleyway. In fact that is the perfect extreme sportsman; the homeless junky. Suck dick, avoid beatings, steal, shoot-up, sleep in alleyways, be abused. Such a lifestyle must come with a rush, no? The only true difference is that the junky is philosophically consistent. Your average extreme-sportsman is in fact a tedious, unimaginative, rule-bitten, contemptible sod, who must half kill himself in order to return to his humanity.
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Honesty is paramount. Better to be miserable with the truth than happy, ignorant swine.

First I would confront the person causing the problem, in this case the significant other. I would explain to them clearly and in no uncertain terms that I am leaving the problem in their hands, citing a specific amount of time/conditions before I confront the friend. For that agreed amount of time I would avoid the friend. Obviously if the friend were to come to me for advice I would instantly confront them.
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My thoughts can be summed up with this wonderful quote by G.K.Chesterton; children are innocent and love justice, while most adults are wicked and prefer mercy.

I have no innate mercy or pity and why should I, I am student of nature. Death is a fact to me, like the passing of the seasons. The surpassing of the master by the student. The hand of fate, which grips us all. It is in this that I acknowledge my own capacity for great, passionless destruction. It is in this that I am humbled and come to value mercy.

If we will then provide the guilty a second chance, there must be certain guiding principles. First we define what we mean by a second chance. At no point should a person be seen as anything less, or to be made inhuman, a monster. A second chance is therefore not an attempt to restore philosophical respect but setting their social reputation back to a neutral point. Second is that redemption must be sought out, to be true it cannot be forced. Third, the capacity for redemption must be infinite. Once a person has fulfilled their obligation, there must be no lingering ill will.
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My personality as it stands seems to greatly irritate most people. It is not on purpose however and I can usually explain my logic to defuse the irritation. The matters which seem to vex people exist within two main areas. First they see me as cold, distant, unemotional, robotic and fiercely individualistic to the point of not needing other people/society. Second that I am massively arrogant, argumentative and egotistical.

Both points I think can be settled by my mentioning that I live almost exclusively inside of my head. My social skills were completely nonexistent until the time I reached adulthood. Even now I find social situations and even good friends to be incredibly draining. Which brings me to the second case; as I am in self-imposed exile, I spend my free social time attempting to build workable social systems and see matters from alternative perspectives.

This level of attention mixed with stunted social skills would obviously amount to a perceived arrogance. The real case however is that when I genuinely do not know the subject, I will always defer to my role as an observer. In fact I prefer to be mistaken as it allows me to experience even further perspectives.
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Such oddly simplistic terms. If we define good as having a net-positive effect without damaging any non-voluntary participants, then yes it is good. The foetuses are already dead, the placenta is useless outside of cooking and the other sources are clearly voluntary. No-one is damaged and we stand to learn more about ourselves. That stands even before realizing that countless lives could be saved. As for the government-funding? No. It should stand on its own two feet.

Side-note: Why are anti-abortionists called pro-lifers when they are not in principle pro-life. Also, why are pro-abortionists called pro-choicers when they are not in principle pro-choice. Is it just snappy advertising?
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The real question is; if you could experience any historical period, which would it be? In which case I would go to ancient Athens to hear Socrates speak. Unfortunately I do not understand ancient Greek and it is possible that Socrates didn't actually exist. These questions truly are obtuse. In which case I would go to the London of 1870 to soak up the culture which inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes.

My answer to the actual question set is that I would gather a large amount of patents and go to London of 1850. I would publish these many patents widely and in large numbers, then return to a far more technologically advanced future. At which point, regardless of paradoxes, I would repeat the process but this time going back to 1900. Then 1950.



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