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posted by [personal profile] towith at 02:55am on 23/05/2011
The low self-esteem of my female friends has been worrying me for some time now, especially in the case of body issues. Occasional a point is made that film, television and magazines present a standard of beauty unattainable by most women and that this is worrying. Whilst considering these arguments, I am reminded of my discussions with a therapist practising cognitive behavioural therapy. Her go-to question was always "Do you think that this problem is unusual?" My answer was always and with no small degree of surprise, no.

Why then do we feel upset when we notice that 1% of the population which excel. Most of us are not supermodels, geniuses or incredibly wealthy, surely then it is acceptable to be average. Yet we look upon these rare few and something is stirred within. Is it aspiration or perhaps envy, is it a case of sour grapes. I almost wish to withdraw this line of questioning and search for an alternative, as I know my friends to be intelligent people who are not petty. What alternative is there however?

It is natural for humans to wish to strive to better themselves, to create a better world for themselves and for those they love. It would be easy then to take that noble instinct, that hope and be soured by it when we do not meet our loftiest goals. Assuming then that this is the case, need we consider ourselves failures and mourn that loss?

I'm reminded of Epicurus and his standard of happiness. Epicurus claimed that a good meal should not be judged by what you eat, but rather by who you eat with. He demonstrates this claim by pointing out that a man with, for instance, $2 million is not necessarily twice as happy as a man with $1 million. Whilst having $2 million then may offer a pleasant degree of security, it is not a matter worth basing your self-worth on or upsetting yourself about. Happiness is a far more complex phenomena. Happiness is based on factors such as friendship, freedom and love.

It could be argued that being extremely attractive or wealthy will lead to love, but I would question the value of love based on such an artifice. What I encourage is a higher form of love, like the love I feel when discussing matters of import here with my friends.
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"What a waste of time, I hope I'm going to be compensated. Wait, how do I know compensation exists within this world? Wait, does this mean I invented Socrates, Aristotle, Senaca, David Hume, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant!?"
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Work started on the title back in 1997. Veteran games developer 3D Realms has closed down because of a lack of funds. Founded in 1987, the firm popularised the concept of shareware gaming and published the seminal Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D first-person shooters.

The company was working on a follow-up title, Duke Nukem Forever, which after being in development for 12 years has become the object of industry derision. Publisher Take-Two says it will no longer fund development of the game but retains rights to the title.

"We can confirm that our relationship with 3D Realms for Duke Nukem Forever was a publishing arrangement, which did not include ongoing funds for development of the title," said Take-Two's Alan Lewis in a statement.

There has been no official comment from 3D Realms, other than a forum posting from the company's webmaster, Joe Siegler, who said: "It's not a marketing thing. It's true. I have nothing further to say at this time."

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I was alerted to this little predictive-text-insult phenomenon and I was quite tickled by the idea. I do not usually indulge, but here I shall.

Of course then I got curious and fed in Obama & Bush. These results are slightly more, let us say imaginative.

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posted by [personal profile] towith at 01:39am on 06/05/2009
Question: Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?

That would depend on your definition of fatalism. If meant as a euphemism for sub-Newtonian causation, using of course a more pragmatic metaphysics, I would say there is a strong argument that it exists in a subtle, complicated sense. If however you mean that human choice does not matter, I would have to disagree. To use a rough, clumsy analogy, most animals are akin to leaves floating upon gusts of wind. They can only go where the gusts/instincts take them. Humans however are more like birds. We are still only floating on columns of hot air and the occasional gust, but we have the wherewithal to navigate from one to another. Our ability to reason, learn and essentially think, allows us to develop knowledge and create choices. The best example of this being seppuku. Something which instinctually speaking should be absolutely abbhorent, yet it is within our grasp if only we guide ourselves through the correct updrafts. Most of which admittedly are far more subtle and complicated than the physical sciences.
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posted by [personal profile] towith at 01:07am on 05/05/2009
Do you remember the collection of LJ staff who were made redundant? Well they have set up a competitive website named Dreamwidth. There is not a large community and I do not have any invite codes as of yet. I am however on there under towith. If you want a code just leave a comment and I will send them once I get them. First pick goes to Jacob for obvious reasons.

It is also worth mentioning that they offer a free journal-importing service. This means that you can import/back up your entire LJ there.
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Breaking in a new community is a tall order. Let us see if this "Dreamwidth" is up to scratch.
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Neither words truly belong in my vocabulary. Everything I do is part and parcel of a vast strategy. Those worldly problems solved by my strategy are by definition no longer problems. Those which are not must first be encountered, upon which I erupt with intuitive solutions and tactics. These tactics are then folded beneath my main strategy as a quasi-immune-system. Those problems which resist all efforts are ignored, as pragmatically speaking they are a waste of my energy. I then re-test my strategy and underlying tactics against this new information.

There is thus no plan nor spontaneity. There is only my methodology and the instance upon which it fails me.
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posted by [personal profile] towith at 05:09am on 02/05/2009
Loudtwitter nonsense:

  • 02:51 The FDA is in discussions over banning e-cigarettes as they "May introduce people to nicotine." #
Don't forget to check out my News commentary feed.
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Other than washing my hands and coughing/sneezing into a handkerchief, all of which I do anyway, no. Nor am I worried. At the moment swine flu is relatively mild. There is clearly no need to worry nor drastically change my routine. This pipsqueak pandemic is rattling only the vastly ignorant. For instance Spanish Influenza, which Swine Flu is being likened to by those too stupid to find their own mouths, killed more people than WWI in half the time. The overall mortality rate tripled in almost every major western city within the first month of the virus being reported. Where as with swine flu a hand full of people have been bed ridden for a week. For the sake of the cunt who bore you, get a grip on yourselves.

If you have the flu and I mean any flu, stay at home. Have a bowl of chicken soup, a hot glass of blackberry cordial and watch The Young Sherlock Holmes. If you do not improve or you have asthma et cetera, seek medical attention. Good advice, easy to remember.
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posted by [personal profile] towith at 12:15am on 28/04/2009
For the purposes of this poll; to be social is to seek companionship more than one seeks isolation and by companionship I do not mean forums, your mother or Jim from work.

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posted by [personal profile] towith at 05:35am on 23/04/2009

Ty has made her photo-post, see it here. Also, here are a few free photos kindly donated by [ profile] fragilemacabre:

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What is it to celebrate "Earth Day." We should celebrate the fact that we are no longer vulnerable to the full ravages of the Earth's many environments.

Everyone reading this has access to indoor plumbing, cheap soaps, sanitary cooking conditions. We have vacuum cleaners, bleaches and anti-bacterial cleaners. At our fingertips are a wide variety of specially bred, engineered and chemically enhanced foods. All while reducing the risk of disease and ill weather spoiling the global crop. We can all use umbrellas in the rain and shield our bodies with cheap, reusable, disposable clothing. Our streets are clean and well-groomed. Our transportation is fast, air-conditioned and efficient. We are able to span the globe in single bounds without even getting our hair mussed. We have defeated malaria on several continents and small-pox is entirely gone. We can treat countless viruses, diseases and even genetic maladies. I do not even have to be standing near you to share my opinions. We are jolly green giants walking the earth. We have a lot to celebrate today.

In fact, we are now so free from environmental concerns that we can, in our leisure, tackle the needs of endangered species, dirty rivers, acidic rain, holes in the o-zone layer and climatic change. We should celebrate this point at which we find ourselves. The ease at which we can push tens of thousands of minds toward these problems full-time and receive real, workable solutions. Yes, it is in this momentum that I celebrate and I celebrate by putting another penny in the meter.
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Just another day in the projects. Ty offered this photo as evidence of my blanket stealing.

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Which concludes my photo series. Obviously there is more to come. I am planning a text post with many of the insights not easily captured with a camera. Also there are Ty's posts/pictures which I will hyperlink toward and a few videos. Then this series, much like my trip, will be over. All that will remain are the memories and the desire to create more.
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posted by [personal profile] towith at 08:54pm on 21/04/2009

It was soon our last day at Hotel 17.

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posted by [personal profile] towith at 08:24pm on 21/04/2009

Every day should begin with a healthy, balanced breakfast. If you cannot accomplish that, a slab of meat between two syrup-filled pancakes should do quite nicely.

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posted by [personal profile] towith at 03:59am on 21/04/2009

Due to the large windows it is difficult to tell, but this picture is taken inside Gramercy restaurant on 3rd Ave, which we hit quite often for breakfast. I quickly learned that it pays to have a multilingual partner. The atmosphere instantly relaxes once you can talk to the waiters in their mother tongue.

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This series of picture-posts shall be continued tomorrow.
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posted by [personal profile] towith at 02:42am on 21/04/2009

The second day was spent largely at the Museum of Natural History. See the kid in the blue coat? That was exactly my expression for the majority of the day.

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After this we met up with [ profile] drakenofavalon for burgers and shakes sodas at Johnny Rockets. It was a great experience, being an atheist embedded in pagan territory is possibly the most exciting position to find myself. It is a challenge of seeing matters from multiple perspectives and attempting to reconcile them on a philosophical basis. A challenge I doubt I will ever meet on an advanced basis, but I enjoy playing with the broad intuitive brush-strokes.

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Sadly, I am home from NYC. This means however that I am able to make another multi-part mega-photo-post, which is ever so slightly NSFW. My pictures unfortunately do not cover the entire story, so I will be supplementing my adventures with text and links to Ty's posts as they become available.

Upon arriving in New York Ty met me wearing a black linen pencil skirt, black seam cuban heeled style stockings, a French lace garter belt, a black shirt and a blazer. Obviously I have no pictures of this or the following hours. At least not until we regained our composure and wherewithal.

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On Saturday I will begin my journey to the far away land of New York. It is highly probable that I will forgo both commenting & posting during the following week. Until I return then, here is something to think of me by:

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